Yes, you can put a vending machine in a park or recreational area. Investing in a vending machine is one of the safest long-term investments. Investing in a vending machine does not mean you will get returns overnight; it takes time. Just like any other business venture, to maximize your revenue you need to do good research about this business. Similarly, in the vending machine business venture one needs to do good research on where to install the vending machine to generate maximum revenue. Parks and recreational areas are one of the best places to generate money through vending machine sales. Packaged fast foods like chips, cold, drinks, fruit juices, chocolates, ice creams are some of the most attractive items that draw the attention of people chilling in a park or recreational area.

Do you need special permission to install a vending machine in a park?

Well, this is quite a subjective question. Some parks may charge you an amount whereas some might not. But in most popular parks, a vending machine food license is required especially if your food requires temperature control. Further, a license is also required if the food you are selling through the vending machine is dispensed in an open container such as coffee, soup, tea, hot chocolate etc.

Advantages of installing vending machines in a park

Vending machines are one of the best business ventures to generate revenue in the long run. There are certain advantages of installing vending machines in a park.

  • Low Maintenance- When collaborating with a reputable vending machine supplier you are not only saving time but also saving your money on installation and maintenance of the machine. When you collaborate with a good company they will ensure you find the best products and placement for your venture. Further, they also ensure that your vending machine is always filled with products & running effectively.
  • Variety of food options to sell- A park or a recreational centre is a place where people come to relax, chill, exercise, walk and spend leisure time. Therefore one gets the opportunity to sell a variety of food options at a park. Cold drinks and beverages are some of the most sold items in a park. When people go for a walk or exercise in a park, the first thing that one might need is a can or bottle of cold drinks or energy drinks. The sales for such items will always be at a peak if you install your vending machine in a popular or crowded park. The best idea is to install a multi-functional vending machine that can serve a variety of products starting from cold drinks, juices to snacks and fruits.
  • No Overhead Cost- Vending machines carry no overhead costs. When you install a vending machine in a park, to sell a food product you do not need to pay any third party seller. Just by paying a basic standing rent to the administration of the park, you can eliminate the whole concept of paying monthly wages to third party vendors.

What are some of the challenges to installing a vending machine in a park?

Vending machines can be installed in different public locations like offices, healthcare centres, educational institutions, parks etc. Installing a vending machine in private properties like offices, Hospitals, gyms incurs lower risk compared to installing them in open parks or recreational areas. First of all, you need special permits from the city administration departments who owns the park and have to pay a monthly charge to the administration of the park. Secondly, an extra effort is required to secure the placement of the vending machine in a public park. Note that a public park is an open area that is visited by different kinds of people. This means there is a constant risk of mishaps or wrongdoings that can happen at any time. Therefore to ensure the secure running of your vending machine venture in a park you need to spend extra money on the security of the vending machine.

In a nutshell, you can easily install a vending machine in a park. All you need to do is good research on the placement factor and take permission from the park administration.