Vending machines have proved to be a good source of income if you manage to understand the logic behind this business scheme, for example, getting enough stock at a low price in order to maximize profit is a must, and to do so, buying in bundle and bulks will be required, and let’s not forget the legal aspect of the whole operation as you can’t just put your vending machine whenever you want. The common way in which vending machines are placed is by following state and local vending laws and sometimes even signing contracts with the owners of the land to gain permission.

All of that hustle is required unless you want to deal with legal problems. But sadly that’s not all that it takes! A vending machine also requires a proper electrical outlet to run and steady security in order to deal with thieves who might want to break in to steal your profit when it’s less expected. So, instead of dealing with all of those nuisances, why just don’t put the vending machine outside your house? Well, first of all, it’s vital to discover and investigate if that’s even possible.

Can I put a Vending Machine Outside my House?

In simple words, yes you can! But some things have to be considered. As it was stated before, you’ll have to take some measures before even thinking of doing all of this, for example, if you’re living on rent this means that your landlord needs to approve the decision, and it might take some time as this will practically grant access to the general public into the property and not everyone likes that. And let’s not forget that putting a vending machine outside your house could cause problems with your neighborhood associations or neighbors, especially if it’s occupying a special spot or if unwanted experiences occur in the location due to the presence of your machine.

After gaining permission from the previously mentioned individuals, it would be ideal if you hold a business license, just to have a solid ground in case you ever face any legal issue. Finally, if after investigating your local rules, nothing states that your vending machine can’t be placed in residential properties (sadly, there are many limitations, but once again, that depends on the country or state laws) then you should be good to go! But that doesn’t mean that it will be a smooth process after that as there are still some minor things to do.

Considerations and Recommendations:

Now that you have discovered the truth, is important to understand some concepts that could cause you trouble. First of all, it’s extremely important that you never decide to place your vending machine in the middle of government property, sidewalks, or public streets for example. Also, having a vending machine right outside your property means that improving security is a must, and to do so, you can purchase vending machine cages that reduce the risks of suffering from break-ins and steals.

Filling your vending machine is simply one of the most important steps of having a reliable vending machine business, and since you’ll be dealing with something that is located right next to your neighbors, this is a golden opportunity to sell the most wanted items by them, but while you might want to save some face with your neighbors, never try to cut prices and most importantly, never let them decide what needs to be sold as you’ll be who makes the budget and no-one besides yourself might understand the logic behind your own strategy.

Finally, remember that installing a good camera near the location of the vending machine is important as we’re talking about something that will be literally next to your home, and try to don’t expose the electrical stuff to the public as there are many curious individuals in your neighborhood (especially kids) who might want to play some pranks (which might not mean any harm) but if your machine stays off then that means money will be lost in the long run, and one of the keys of having a successful business scheme is that the vending machine works flawlessly until you decide so, other than that, keep your eyes open, protect your stuff and never let others make the budget and counts for you (unless they have enough experience and certification).