Vending machine credit card readers

-Vending machine credit card readers are a convenient way to avoid carrying cash while you’re out. They work by swiping your card through the machine; upon a successful payment, the money will be deducted from your account balance, and the item or items will be dispensed. However, there are a few major drawbacks.

-First of all, these machines usually have low rates of success: they may not always recognize your card and may take up to 2 minutes for an acknowledgement screen to appear after you swipe it in. Secondly, if you don’t get the vending machine to accept your credit card, you will be required to leave with the money you had in mind for your purchase. This is because a vending machine does not have a function for “returning” unwanted items at the end of a failed transaction.

-The vending machine’s inability to return money is one of the biggest drawbacks as it costs people time, energy and money. If the machine does not accept your card in the allotted time, you will have to reinsert it and wait for a response. You then must either pay for your purchase with an alternate method or abandon it altogether. Both scenarios result in wasting money and time.

-Vending machines are one of the biggest targets for credit card skimmers and are generally more susceptible to fraud than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This is because most vending machines have no employees watching them, meaning anyone can physically access the machine without anyone noticing. In addition, the machines have little to no security features for detecting fraudulent transactions and thus are very easy for criminal groups to carry out.

-One way to get around this is to pay for your purchase by some other means than your credit card, such as cash or a preloaded debit card/prepaid credit card. Thus you avoid the risk of your personal information being stolen and can avoid the hassle of worrying about your credit statements every month.

-A vending machine is an enclosed box with a payment system, an inventory storage system, and a delivery system all in one. This can make it an ideal place for customers to drop their trash. In most cases, the machine is maintained by the proprietor of the business that owns it. However, this is not always the case and a few stores own their own machines.

-As trash does not fit in vending machines, many people do not take it to them or try to throw it on the ground and let it rot, which can attract rats as well as all sorts of other nuisances.

Vending machines are also susceptible to vandalism and tampering. The most common way to vandalize a vending machine is by shoving a stick down the side of the machine to trip a sensor, which will cause it to dispense its entire inventory. The second most common method of vandalism would be by attacking the sensors themselves. Some guides for urban explorers suggest removing a plastic bag from the top of the machine, leaving a gap just wide enough to shove something through.

How do vending machine credit card readers work

1.The customer puts the card inside the card reader slot, using his thumb to push it down the slot.

2.The machine will automatically read your credit card and display a message if it were successful or not.

3.If your card is accepted, the machine will allow you to choose a product by sliding the left buttons next to it and confirm by clicking on “Purchase” button. If a wrong product has been chosen, select “Cancel”.

4.The machine will prompt that you need to insert coins to complete a payment, then dispense the products you have selected.

5.If you want your cardholder’s credit card information, the machine will ask if you want to copy it into your own account terminal or print out a receipt. If a receipt is chosen (a choice made on popular machines), the machine will give instructions.

6.Depending on the machine, the receipt can be printed or saved on a data card.

7.Most machines will have a “Retrieve” function, allowing you to retrieve your items at home using cash or a check. Most vending machines also have a “Return” function that allows you to return an item to the store and get money back.


Vending machines are a convenient way to buy things on the go. With credit card readers, you can make quick purchases without worrying about carrying cash around. However, when using these machines, you should make sure to be careful with your information and be wary of the risk of getting scammed. In addition, if you plan to use credit cards at multiple vending machines, it is best to have a preloaded debit card or prepaid credit card in order to avoid carrying your personal credit cards and risking having them stolen by criminal groups.